Samsung patents reverse notch design for smartphone display

Samsung reverse notch

Korean smartphone maker Samsung has patented a reverse notch design for the display. Since the launch of iPhone X in 2017, notches have been contentious in the industry. There is wide notch like the one seen on iPhone X and smaller notch like the one seen on budget smartphones. Then there is also ugly notch like the one seen on the Google Pixel 3 XL. There have also been leaked designs showing dual notches on the smartphones. But, Samsung seems to have a different vision for notches on smartphones.

Samsung has filed a patent with the KIPO (Korean Intellectual Property Office), which has been published just now. LetsGoDigital has created mockup renders based on the patent application and it describes the design of a display. The description is not very informative but it aims to maximize screen size of a smartphone. The render shows Samsung believes a notch could be placed above a full sized smartphone display. It is not clear how the final device with such a design would look.“The cover window includes a protruding portion at the top center and agreed to the protruding portion. By placing the cameras, speakers etc in there, the screen size can be maximized while creating a rectangle screen,” Samsung adds. While it isn’t the most helpful solution, there seems to be an interest among smartphone makers to such a display design. We might start seeing smartphones with reverse notch arrive sometime next year.

Samsung won’t be the first company to experiment with such a design. Asus reversed the notch on its ZenBook S13 in order to make the bezels thinner. The mockup depicts a notch being placed on top of the display in the reverse direction. The notch also seems to house cutout for cameras, speakers and other sensors. “The present design is a display module with a display panel attached to the back of the cover window used in a smartphone,” the patent describes.