Gardening: You can grow almost any plant in a container

Growing plants in containers presents gardeners with endless opportunities to express their imagination and flair. It is great for people who live in townhouses, flats or home units.

They can be used to soften and beautify outdoor living areas and entrance ways or create a focal point in the garden.

One of the best things about container grown plants is that they can be moved from one place to another provided that they are not too heavy to handle.

This way you can give plants a suitable microclimate to display and show them off when they are at their best.

Choices include a fragrant plant by the front door, a cheerful bowl of spring bulbs or an immaculate piece of topiary. There are also many types of edible plants that can be grown in pots and containers.

Some great pots I have seen recently has been where three or more plants have been planted together in the same pot with each plant bringing height, texture or colour that contrasts and compliments the others.

You can in fact grow almost any plant in a container, so whether you would like to brighten up your patio, or grow an edible feast, it’s simply a matter of choosing suitable plants for the particular conditions. Once you have decided which particular look or style appeals, the next question is what sort of pot or container? There is a wide range available to choose from.

Creative containers – there are many objects, which have outgrown their original use and are ideal containers for growing plants.

Broken pots, Old troughs, cooking pots, coppers, wheelbarrows, baths, beach driftwood and pumice etc are often used. Even old disused boots and gumboots are seen occasionally supporting herbs or other small plants.

If providing drainage holes presents a problem you can use plastic pots inside, raised up on a small amount of gravel or chip stone and keep a check that they don’t get waterlogged. A fun activity particularly good with children is to use a broken pot to create a miniature garden with different levels. You can also add miniature furniture and fairies to these gardens too.