Gardening tips: plant elephant’s ears

Pink Bergenia

Pink Bergenia can tolerate shade. Photograph: Alamy

Plant this Bergenias, or elephant’s ears, can tolerate shade, especially in tricky places such as under trees. ‘Overture’ has magenta flowers in spring and burnished red leaves in autumn and winter; or try ‘Bressingham White’. Pair with pulmonarias and hellebores under bright dogwood stems.

Join this There’s no better way to learn about plants than meeting other growers. Whether you’re into alpines, cottage garden plants or cacti, there’s a society for you to expand your knowledge, buy seeds and plants, and meet people. Check out this list and join one today.

Sow this The poached egg plant (Limnanthes douglasii) is one of the best annuals to attract pollinators. Sow under cover now or in situ next month: it likes full sun. It will self-seed, and any seedlings that grow in unwanted spots are easy enough to remove.


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