Gardening tips: plant bee magnet Macedonian scabious

Long-flowering Macedonian scabious.

Long-flowering Macedonian scabious. Photograph: Alamy

Plant this If you are looking for a long-flowering bee magnet, Macedonian scabious (Knautia macedonica) is a canny choice. Flowers the colour of summer pudding on wiry stems come thick and fast into autumn, provided it’s given full sun and well-drained soil. Height and spread: 75cm x 45cm.

Visit this Pensthorpe natural park in Norfolk is home to one of acclaimed plantsman Piet Oudolf’s first designs in the UK, the Millennium Garden, which should be at its peak this month. Visit 8 September and peruse plants for sale from a range of nurseries at its specialist plant day.

Split this If your heucheras are starting to fade, it’s time to divide them. Lift with a fork and tease apart into smaller clumps, discarding anything that looks miserable. Check the root ball for the C-shaped larva of the vine weevil, remove and squish, then replant, and water well.